Being Not Doing In 2018

Up until the new year hit, I was planning to write a fairly standard list of ongoing goals and new resolutions for 2018. But then yesterday, I realised that perhaps writing a list of this nature is not in-keeping with my overarching theme for 2018, which is to focus on being rather than doing.

In practice, this means:

  1. More mindfulness – instead of spending every waking moment attempting to analyse, understand, produce, and solve, I want to spend more of my time simply being aware. Aware of body sensations, thoughts, emotions, breath, sounds… Aware that this is my life – this is it.
  2. More rest – my body demands a lot of rest. Typically, I dismiss my body’s demands as too much and push myself to keep going. However, this then drains my energy further, making every day a struggle. So this year, I want to listen to my body’s signals and give myself the rest I need.
  3. More idleness – I have spent years abhorring idleness and avoiding it at all costs. But I want to spend more time being idle – observing instead of creating, reading instead of writing, listening instead of speaking, lying down instead of sitting.
  4. More leisure – leisure will become more of a priority, study and work less so. This means more time spent on the yoga mat, out in nature, playing with my cat, being creative in the kitchen, mooching in the garden, creating art…

Of course, there are things I want to do in 2018, including:

  • Exploring Victoria’s far east, particularly its national parks – Snowy River and Croajingolong national parks in particular.
  • Going on a solo holiday.
  • Completing an internship.
  • Completing third year uni.
  • Reading War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (the former is one of my dad’s favourites and the latter one of mum’s favourites).

However, the focus will be on the being.


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