How I Want To Be Seen

I wrote this in a bit of a lull at work a few weeks ago. It is a reflection on how I want people to see me, the qualities I want them to associate with me. This is relevant to my work but also my life more broadly because these statements are designed to inform how I conduct myself in the workplace and in life.

I want people to see…

  • That I care deeply about other people, animals and the environment;
  • That I am fiercely passionate about making the world a better place;
  • That I am values-driven;
  • That I am committed to social justice, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
  • That I think deeply about things;
  • That I live mindfully;
  • That I speak honestly and openly;
  • That I am courageous;
  • That I am resilient;
  • That I am open minded;
  • That I am a good listener;
  • That I am approachable;
  • That I am compassionate and understanding;
  • That I am trustworthy;
  • That I am genuine in what I say and do;
  • That I have a good head on my shoulders;
  • That I try my hardest at everything I do;
  • That I am a committed employee/volunteer/friend etc who will be there for the long haul;
  • That I am humble and do not believe I am better than anyone else; and
  • That I think laterally and come up with creative ideas and solutions;

I encourage you to think about how you want other people to see you, because it is a really useful way to focus in on what is most important to you which then informs how you conduct yourself every day.

Love, hope and peace from Emma.

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