Glimpses Of Domesticity – The COVID-19 World

As I move through my days in the COVID-19 world, small things are striking me as important. This is the first in what will be a series of posts recording these small things.

While entering another person’s home remains a no-no, I am living off glimpses of other people’s domesticity.

A man glimpsed through what I think was his kitchen window, perhaps while he waited for his kettle to boil for his morning cup of coffee, scratching his neck, the pleasure of scratching the itch evident on his face.

Fragrant wood smoke drifting out of a chimney, curling its way into the sky.

A father and his young son playing cricket in the front yard, the youngster clearly convinced he’s figured out the secret to success in cricket, pestering his Dad to watch and learn.

A father and his daughter playing badminton in their front yard, the shuttlecock drifting daintily through the air, both father and daughter giggling, giddy with the pleasure of each other’s company.

Notes being played on a piano by unknown fingers.

A woman in an old hoodie and leggings, touching up the wooden window frames of her family home with a lick of fresh white paint.

A man pacing in the front sun room of his house, headset on, scratching his chin as he negotiates with a colleague.

A woman, also in the front sun room of her house, painting a barn owl, its round face emerging from the canvas, piercing eyes staring out at me.

Teddy bears, dolls and other children’s toys in windows.

Each of these scenes reminds me that while I may not be out and about and seeing people as much as I once would have, all of these people are still living their lives in tandem with me living mine.

These are people finding ways to express love, be productive, stay occupied, make others smile, be creative, stay active and give comfort.

These are people doing quite ordinary things, quite small things, but things which at present strike me as extraordinary. These are people being, well, people. And that’s all that matters at the moment. That we continue to live our lives as best we can within the constraints placed on them, adapting ourselves to the present environment. And these glimpses of domesticity show that we are doing just that, which I find extraordinary.

Love, hope and peace from Emma.

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