2021 – Embrace Every Moment

For me, 2021 is going to be about embracing every moment. Having found my happy place last year, I just want 2021 to be about soaking up the still quite novel feeling of happiness when it’s with me. I also want to continue opening myself to new experiences.

I’ve gone for a slightly different format for this year’s 2021 Intentions, making use of the “stop, start, keep” concept. This is something teams at work use for forward planning and it appealed to me because of its simplicity. So, here’s what I want to stop, what I want to start, and what I want to keep in my life in 2021.


  • Beating myself up about my body.
  • Trying to control my eating (I’m going all in on the intuitive eating path).
  • Avoiding knowing how much I weigh – I’m not going back to weighing myself, I will just do it once with the support of my psychologist to prove to myself that the number on the scales doesn’t say anything about me – my health, my worthiness, my goodness, my happiness. This is an insurance policy so that if I happen to see how much I weigh in a medical setting or something along those lines, it won’t impact how I feel about myself or my body.
  • Doubting people’s love for me – they do love me and there are good reasons why they do.
  • Working in, and being paid for, a graduate role in the Tasmanian State Service (I have a new, non-graduate role which I will commence very shortly – I’m moving up in the world which is exciting after not quite a year of full-time work).


  • Looking for a house to buy in earnest, with the aim of buying something by the end of year.
  • Working on climate change policy and projects again, having secured a position at work in which I will be doing just that.
  • Being a ‘human book’ in the Hobart Human Library, telling my story at workshops for school children and workplaces to break down stigma and biases about chronic illness and mental illness.
  • Learning to identify and name Tasmanian flora (I received a field guide book to assist me in this quest for Christmas).
  • Looking for a bridesmaid’s dress (my brother and his fiancé will get married in September, all going to plan in the time of COVID-19).
  • Camping – this is not something I’ve ever done but if I want to do multi-day hikes around Tasmania (which I do), I’ll need to get accustomed to putting up a tent, sleeping in a tent, cooking on a portable stove and so on.
  • Attending a yoga retreat – there are regular retreats on beautiful Maria Island that I’m keen to try.


  • Attending a weekly yoga class at my local studio with my wonderful instructor.
  • Practising yoga at home, albeit not to any rigid schedule aside from attempting to practice both days of the weekend and any other evening I feel so inclined.
  • Staying connected with my family through regular messages, phone calls, video-based catch-ups and hopefully face-to-face contact as well (COVID-19 permitting).
  • Developing my Tassie friendships, both one-on-one with people and through groups like book club, Tassie Girls Outside and so on.
  • Maintaining my Melbourne friendships through messages, phone calls, video-based catch-ups and hopefully a trip to Melbourne (again, all going to plan in the time of COVID-19).
  • Exploring Tasmania – my only specific idea (and it’s not especially specific anyway) is to head up to Launceston and surrounds, because I haven’t spent any time up there since moving here and I know a few people in Launceston (thanks Three Capes Track) and in Scottsdale (one of my Dad’s cousins).
  • Reading at least a book a week.
  • Writing my blog – while I can’t promise to be any more prolific than I was last year (and I wasn’t very prolific at all), I am committed to doing a monthly favourites post each month and a few other regular fixtures such as a reflection on the anniversary of my admission to hospital for eating disorder treatment, a mid-year review of these intentions and my progress on them and all the usual year in review type posts at the end of 2021.
  • Volunteering with Beyond Blue and Vinnies.
  • Baking my own sourdough bread and experimenting with ferments and pickles.
  • Procuring as much of my food as I can without packaging (eg taking all my own bags along for purchasing fruit and vegies, buying pantry goods at the bulk foods store in my own containers, making things from scratch).
  • Being a vegetarian.
  • Purchasing as many of my clothes as I can second-hand from the op shop.

Love, hope and peace from Emma.

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