The Author

Dear lovely readers,

Welcome to the world of a 22-year-old who has struggled with physical and mental health problems – chronic headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and anorexia – for many years.

Atop Mount Oberon in Wilson’s Promontory National Park, Victoria

This blog allows me to share and progress in my long and at times dis-spiriting journey. Sadly, there is no magic cure to illness. Recovery may seem a long way off, it may even be impossible to ever realise completely, but my experiences have taught me that management and acceptance are possible. This takes resilience, self-compassion, love, acceptance, and hope. It doesn’t always feel good, that’s why I need to write – to share the trials and tribulations of this journey.

As well as writing, I love gardening, singing, yoga, volunteer work, reading, cooking, walking and thinking. I am passionate about helping others by sharing my story and I have been a member of the beyondblue speakers bank since 2014.

I’m currently a university student, something I often thought I would never be able to say because I wouldn’t make it to uni. I am completing a bachelor of arts, majoring in politics and international relations and French. I have particular interests in international development, environmental sustainability and climate change, migration, philosophy and ethics, and Australian Indigenous culture and politics.

I am hoping to become a policy writer or social worker so that I can help others to live healthy, happy lives. At present, I do what I can to help others, family, friends, and a diverse range of individuals through volunteer work. I also do my best to look after myself.

I hope you find solace and comfort in my words the way I do.

Love, hope and peace from Emma Missen.

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